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An ancient machine wakes to find itself in a world that has turned unfamiliar; the echoes of the past lie like a ghost across a landscape it once knew. A wanderer finds a remnant of the past, its dormant power core still humming faintly, and at their touch it comes awake.

Nothing is static

To exist is to change

What will you build from the ashes of the fires you pass through?

Haecceity is a game about beings - both artificial and organic - building their sense of self out of the experiences they go through. It was written for the Amor Ex Machina Jam, and is designed to be played in various styles - by yourself, together with a friend, or with a group of people - using a deck of cards, a pair of dice, and a handful of tokens.

If you play the game, please let me know what you think of it, either in the comments here, or on Twitter.

Haecceity is available for whatever price you wish to pay for it, but any payments made go towards supporting my continued creation of other games, making community copies of them available, and supporting other game designers.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
AuthorAnna Landin
TagsRobots, Story Rich, Tabletop role-playing game


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Hello! I played this game today and really liked it. Thanks for making it!

We had sort of a silly question that we couldn't find in what the rules covered: What is intended to happen when the positive/negative dice tie? It happened to us a couple times and it was this sort of baffling edge case that we started laughing at. We just made it the choice of the player in control, but were wondering if there was an intended result there?

Beautiful game, the design is well done and love the setting !! :D The token mechanic felt really interesting, as you chose what feels important to you and what you will carry !

This game is beautiful in its design, its text, and its art and layout. Big fan of card prompt games, big fan of overgrown robots, big fan of all of this.