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A game for 2 players, written for #sadmechjam

It's dark and you're hurting – maybe bleeding, it's hard to tell – and the titanium weight of your mech is bearing down on you like it wants to be your coffin. Life support systems struggle to stay online, stuttering and choking as the fuel seeps slowly from a broken machine. In the dark, the bright, solitary light of your comms unit blinks steadily – the one lifeline still left to you.

Elsewhere, the insistent chirp of a distress signal flickers on a HUD, and you are the only one who can hear it. You are worried and growing desperate, and all you have to go on is a voice, faint and crackling and sometimes lost in noise, to guide you to the life you need to save.

The clock



CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorAnna Landin
Tagsstorytelling, Tabletop


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Hey! love the vibe, I was just slightly unclear, do you progress the 7 step clock when either player makes a roll, or is it only on the response's turn? thank you so much!

Hello! thank you!

You only progress the clock - which tracks the physical distance between the two mechs - when the Response rolls. The Call's turn is more of an endurance thing: a successful roll on their end means they can hold out longer, but does not move the parties closer to each other.

Thank you so much! 

Also, I wanted to ask, I run an actual play podcast and I was thinking about playing this in an episode. If we did I would shout the game out and link to the itch page, but I wanted to ask if there was another specific way you would want to be credited? also if you aren't comfortable with folks playing your games on a show I totally get that too! Thanks again!

Oh wow, I would be very flattered if you wanted to play this on your podcast! Thank you so much! Crediting me by name - Anna Landin - works perfectly fine, along with the name of the game and the itch-link. I will eventually have to think about some sort of branding for this page, but for now, just my name is the way to go.

Hey sorry for the extremely late reply, but thanks for getting back to me so quickly! Can't wait to play the game!