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You have called this House home for years, haunting its darkest corners. This place is yours. Its dead air, the creaking floor boards, the peeling wallpaper. But now the for-sale sign in the front yard is gone and the doors have been thrown open; the curtains pulled down to let the light in, the rooms filled with the furniture and knick knacks of them.

They have invaded the House, infested every room with glaring bright lights, tasteful decor and saccharine Family photos of smiling children. It turns your stomach –if you still have a stomach to turn. During the day, they may have free reign inside these walls. But night is falling and the dark is your domain.

By morning, they will all be gone

Something is Wrong With This House
is a short narrative horror game for 3–6 players about the haunting of a House from the perspective of its dark denizens. It is played with three six-sided dice.

Take on the role of a lurking Creature, or that of the Facilitator, playing the invasive Family, and get ready for a nightmare tug of war over the House you all share.

The Ghosthunt expansion swaps the familiar surroundings of home for stranger hunting grounds. Your Creatures inhabit abandoned, dusty places time forgot - and the Facilitator embodies a new threat: that of the bright lights and cameras of an intrepid ghosthunting crew.

At eight pages, Ghosthunt doubles the number of player options, providing you with a bunch of new Creatures to play and new threats to face.

This game was co-created by Jonah Walker (concept, layout, illustrations) and Anna Landin (writing, mechanics, cover illustration).

CategoryPhysical game
Release date Oct 27, 2021
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(23 total ratings)
AuthorsAnna Landin, GalacticJonah
TagsHalloween, Horror, Narrative, storygame, Tabletop role-playing game
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Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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This was super fun! But my friends and I were confused about the relationship between the daughter's hide ability and the spectre's ability to find hiding family members. The daughter's ability says it overrides the spectre's finding ability, and the list of general family abilities says that anyone can hide. But there are no rules for how other creatures are meant to roll to find hiding family members, which makes the spectre's ability come across as useless. 

Loved this game, just felt like it needed a few more solidified mechanics for abilities and actions!

Played this with my online and in person game group. We had a wonderful and terrifying time coming up with scenarios to frighten the family. Funny enough, the Mom was the hold out in both games! We'll get her next time. 

We had SUCH a wonderful time playing Something is Wrong With This House. Beautifully illustrated and clearly laid out, this game is a real love letter to the horror genre - with a twist that you get to play the spooks.

Full review is available on our blog, plus links to our actual play episodes if you'd like to check out how the game plays: https://www.rollplusheart.co.uk/blog/something-is-wrong-with-this-house

Hello, on page 8 is a typo

" If you succeed on a roll and frighten

your target Family member, roll one
more d6: the result of this roll is a gets
subtracted from their resistance."

'the result of this roll is a gets'

Ran this on Halloween and everyone had a great time. Highly recommended if you want to play a game but have a short amount of time.


Videos? Screenshots?


As it is a tabletop rpg played with dice and imagination, the screencaps of the PDF already available heregives a pretty good view of what game is like.

As for videos, the only existing actual-play playthrough of the game is a live game by Friends at the Table, available on their Patreon.


My mistake. I thought it was a video game. :)

Had an absolute blast running the game. It was especially good for players not very familiar with TTRPG's – no need to think too much about the rules, just enjoy thinking of creative ways to scare the nasty family

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I have a question. Each players must choose a different creatures or each players play the same creature?


The way the game is designed, you are intended to choose different creatures. It is possible to play two of the same creature, but it might lead to some repetition in gameplay.


I played this on Halloween night with my friends on easy mode and it was so fun! Though perhaps next time I don't let the friend who likes to break games play as a sentient pinky finger and primarily scare my Family using fingernail clippings laid to spell out vaguely menacing finger puns. (because my family was absolutely decimated by this)

This looks so cool! I'm convincing my friends to play right now ^^

A very interesting concept, I’m excited to try it out if I can get a few friends together!!

Absolutely in love with the art and concept, really looking forward to trying it out!


This game looks so fantastic! The layout and artwork are gorgeous! I can't wait to play it!