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... A shrouded figure moves through a graveyard in the light of a lantern, swinging in the tug of no breeze. As they go, a whisper follows them, telling a tale of lost things, of shattered pride, and of dreams that never died.

... they raise their hand, with the echo of someone else in their bones. As their fingertips gently brush against the ghostly face before them, their heart aches with someone else's grief.

... Steam rises from the tea cup as the old woman pushes it towards the flickering shadow sitting across the kitchen table. She smiles her gentlest smile, and waits for it to speak.

Some things refuse to let us go, and regret is a heavy burden to carry.

This game about easing the passage of the dead is played with two six-sided dice and a handful of tokens. One of you plays The Anchor, the living person who can hear the voices of the dead, and one of you plays The Ghost, the soul of the dead still clinging to this world, burdened by regrets. Your task is to lay these regrets to rest - so that you may, finally, let go.

Optional rules for games with 3+ players included. This game has not been playtested, and feedback is very welcome.

That Which Remains is a submission to the Gentle Ghost Jam. It is recommended and encouraged that you use safety tools while playing it: You can find the Safety Tools Toolkit here, courtesy of KiennaS and Lauren.

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorAnna Landin
TagsGhosts, story-game, Tabletop role-playing game


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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