The Dark Below version 1.2

Released v 1.2 of the game, with updated content reflecting the first playtesting, some minor changes to project page.

Version history:
v 1.2 (january 2020):
- restructured the PDF for clarity and ease of reference
- changed the headings of some sections
- added a separate Quick Reference Sheet for use during play
- rewrote parts of Traversing the Dark and A Guide to the Dark to add more advice on how to set up and prepare for a game.
- added a list of touchstones to use as inspiration
- first playtesters credited in acknowledgements
- new screenshots added to project page


TheDarkBelow-v1.2-spreads.pdf 2 MB
Jan 18, 2020
TheDarkBelow-v1.2-text-only.pdf 130 kB
Jan 18, 2020
TheDarkBelow-QuickReference.pdf 229 kB
Jan 18, 2020
TheDarkBelow-v1.2.rtf 54 kB
Jan 18, 2020

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