Shades and Echoes release+price update

Released Shades and Echoes, the GM-supplement, and raised the price to reflect the new content.

Also edited phrasing in the Lighting Matches-section of the base game, to remove an unintentional contradiction.


TheDarkBelow-v1.2.1-spreads.pdf 2 MB
93 days ago
TheDarkBelow-v1.2.1-text-only.pdf 131 kB
93 days ago
TheDarkBelow-v1.2.1-text.rtf 54 kB
93 days ago
TDB-Shades-and-Echoes-spreads.pdf 2 MB
93 days ago
TDB-Shades-and-Echoes-text-only.pdf 111 kB
93 days ago
TDB-Shades-and-Echoes-text.rtf 54 kB
93 days ago

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