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The only way out is through. Can you make it through the Dark?

You were exiled from the City. Whatever you once were, whatever life you lived before, it has been cut off from you as the gates slam shut behind you. Right now, you are but one of the lost in these catacombs, desperately searching for that one, flickering light of hope:

Somewhere down here in the dark, they say there is a way out.

You are not the first nor the last to be exiled, and you are not alone down here. You can work together with your fellow exiles, or you can conspire against them, but know this - it is a long, hard road to walk alone.

A dungeon-crawling game for for 3-6 players, in which those exiled for their crimes must make it through a dark and buried labyrinth to the fabled Exile's Gate, beyond which freedom lies. It is played with a 12-sided die and a few pieces of paper.

Version 1.2.1 (released February 2020, along with the supplement Shades and Echoes) has been playtested and edited to reflect player feedback - but all feedback is welcome, and the game may receive further updates.

The Dark Below was written for the End Jam, hosted by Dylan Grinder. You are encouraged to use safety tools when playing it. You can find the Safety Tools Toolkit here, courtesy of KiennaS and Lauren.

Shades and Echoes is a supplement intended for Guides (the equivalent to Game Masters), and explands a little on the advice given in the basic version of the game, as well as giving a list of possible locations, threats and residents of the Dark to include in your game. 

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CategoryPhysical game
AuthorAnna Landin
TagsDungeon Crawler, tabletop-rpg, ttrpg


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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Very good for a spooky dungeon-crawl and you should play it if you like those things!

The setting is evocative and scenarios quickly develop as you read through the material.

10/10, would watch as players daisy-chain their way through hell basements again.